Does Workers’ Comp Cover Oilfield Injuries?

Workers’ compensation generally covers oilfield injuries that occur during the course of your employment. While employers in high-risk industries like oil extraction generally maintain workers’ compensation insurance, this is not a given. 

Workers’ compensation has its limits, as it generally only covers medical expenses and a portion of your lost income. A workers’ compensation claim may not be your only option for compensation after your oilfield accident.

You May Sue for Your Oilfield Injury If…

You may be eligible to sue for your oilfield injury if:

  • Your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance—in Texas, such insurance is not mandatory

  • A third party caused your injuries

  • Your loved one died because of their oilfield accident

  • Other circumstances permit and warrant a lawsuit

If you successfully bring a lawsuit, you may be eligible for damages beyond what workers’ compensation provides. A lawsuit may allow you to get compensation for:

  • All of your lost income (as opposed to partial replacement of income, which workers’ comp generally provides)

  • Lost earning power

  • Pain and suffering

  • Treatment for pain and suffering

If your loved one passed away from an oilfield injury, you may also get coverage for funeral expenses, lost financial support, lost companionship, and other damages.

How an Attorney Can Help You Seek Fair Compensation

An attorney can guide you through the legal and insurance processes. In fact, they will review your case and help you determine which route makes most sense for you. 

Your lawyer can also:

  • Gather evidence: Evidence can make or break a civil case or insurance claim. Your attorney will seek witness accounts, physical evidence, expert testimony, and other evidence that could benefit your case.

  • Value and document your losses: The value of your damages will lead your attorney to a fair settlement figure. Your lawyer will value and seek documentation of your damages, such as medical bills, proof of lost income, and proof of disability.

  • Handle all case-related responsibilities: Your attorney will handle phone calls, emails, paperwork, and the various other aspects of a claim or lawsuit.

  • Complete settlement negotiations: Settlement negotiations are an essential, but difficult, aspect of a claim or lawsuit. Your attorney will represent you in these proceedings.

  • Bring your case to trial, if necessary: Most civil cases don’t go to trial. However, a capable attorney remains ready for trial in every case they handle.

Remember: Your employer doesn’t represent you. Neither do insurance companies that issue workers’ compensation policies. Having a lawyer who represents you, and you alone, can be invaluable after an oilfield injury. 

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