Burn Injuries

There is no doubt that fire is a destructive force, destroying property and lives in the process. But when someone suffers catastrophic burn injuries in an accident, the full destructive force of fire is truly realized.

Those who are badly burned because of someone else's negligence often suffer from lifelong scars, serious disfigurement and chronic pain. Some may even be physically disabled  and unable to do the job they once held, or they could die from their injuries. Memories of the event can cause someone to relive the trauma over and over again, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

At Salam & Associates, PC, we know that the pain and suffering caused by a burn injury go beyond the initial accident. From our offices in Richardson, our mission is to help burn victims in Texas and New Mexico recover compensation from at-fault parties through skilled negotiations and aggressive litigation. We will never back down from a fight to protect your best interests.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Innocent victims can suffer burn injuries in a variety of personal injury cases, including: 

Product liability cases — Exposure to dangerous household chemicals and defective electrical devices can all result in serious burns.

Construction site accidents — Many on-the-job accidents, such as electrical accidents and exposure to caustic chemicals, can result in serious burns for construction workers.

Oil and drilling rig accidents — Explosions and exposure to hazardous chemicals are common reasons oil and gas drill operators suffer burn injuries while on the job.

Motor vehicle collisions — Whether the crash was caused by another driver's reckless actions or a defective vehicle design , burn injuries are possible in car accidents because of the extreme flammability of gasoline.

Your Life After a Burn Injury

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be taken to the hospital for treatment, both immediate and ongoing. The cost of these visits can be staggering when you factor in: 

• An ambulance ride to the hospital

• Hospital expenses

• Visits from specialists

• Multiple treatments

• Corrective surgeries

• Physical therapy

• Counseling services

• Prescription medication for infections and pain

In cases of second-degree burns or worse, you will likely have additional costs to consider, including: 

• Lost wages

• Loss of ability to work

• Loss of enjoyment

• Loss of function

• Pain and suffering

• Emotional trauma

• Permanent disability

The Importance of Acting Quickly

Even though the negligence of another may warrant a personal injury lawsuit, you may hesitate to file a claim, especially if the liable party is someone you know, an employer or a large company. It's important that you do not hesitate — your full recovery depends on it.

In Texas and New Mexico, statutes of limitations dictate the amount of time one has to file a claim after suffering serious injuries in an accident. Once the specified time has passed, a victim effectively waives his or her right to seek compensation from an at-fault party.

The statutes in each state are: 

Texas two years after an accident or injury

New Mexico three years after an accident or injury

We Will Help You With the Challenges Ahead

For 25 years, attorney Fatima Hassan-Sallam has helped burn victims understand their rights, the protections provided to them by state laws and how to effectively seek full and fair compensation. She doesn't back down from a fight when your best interests are at stake.

She can help you recover: 

• Medical expenses

• Lost wages

• Costs for continued care

• Costs for corrective surgeries

• Prescription costs

• Counseling expenses

• Pain and suffering and other noneconomic damages

Get Experienced Help Today

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