Can You Settle Insurance Claims on Your Own?

You can settle an insurance claim on your own. However, there are several risks when handling an insurance claim without a lawyer. 

Risks of Handling an Insurance Claim on Your Own

It is your right to handle an insurance claim on your own, and to settle the claim. That said, you should know that handling your claim without an attorney may:

  • Hurt your recovery: Insurance claims take time. The time that you spend dealing with insurance companies may instead be spent receiving treatment, resting, and recovering. If you hire an attorney, then they will handle your insurance claim so you can focus on recovery.

  • Expose you to manipulation: Insurance companies have significant experience. These companies may try to intimidate you, confuse you with complicated language, tempt you with a quick, lowball settlement, or even have you admit fault for your accident. An attorney will protect you from such bad-faith tactics by insurance companies.

  • Result in you receiving less compensation than you deserve: The challenges that come with handling your claim alone may hurt your overall claim. You may accept less compensation than you deserve.

Hiring an attorney does not guarantee that you will receive fair compensation. However, the benefits of hiring a lawyer may help you achieve a just outcome.

 Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for an Insurance Claim

For starters, you can’t be certain that your insurance claim will lead to successful conclusion in your case. If your lawyer is not able to negotiate a fair settlement, then they may file a lawsuit on your behalf. 

Whether your case ends with a claim or lawsuit, an attorney will:

  • Determine the cause of your accident

  • Identify all liable parties

  • Handle all case-related strategy

  • File all paperwork for you

  • Negotiate with insurance companies

  • Deal with any other attorneys involved in your case

  • Advise you on all matters related to your case

It is ultimately your decision of whether to accept any settlement offer. It is also your choice of whether to pursue a lawsuit. Your advisor may provide key advice to help you make such decisions.

When Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Insurance Claim?

You may want to hire an attorney as soon as possible. There may be rigid deadlines governing your case. From reporting injuries to filing a lawsuit, there may be a clock ticking on all aspects of your case.

Most personal injury attorneys work for contingency fees. These fees are beneficial to clients, as they mean that:

  • You won’t have to pay the law firm anything upfront

  • You won’t have to pay for case-related costs, like fees to hire experts

  • You will only pay your attorney’s fee if they win your case

Contingency fees mean that you face no financial risk when hiring an attorney.

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