Picking the Right New Mexico Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered injuries in an accident and are considering hiring a personal injury attorney, there is no shortage of options. Choosing the right attorney in New Mexico comes down to a combinations of your personal preference and evaluating objective criteria. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine what makes the right attorney for your case. To help you make your decision, you might consider:

A Law Firm’s Record

Many personal injury firms make their case results available on their websites. When you weigh which firm to hire, you might review these case results. Questions to ask when reviewing results include:

  • Has this firm won many cases for its clients?
  • What is the typical size of settlement or judgment that the firm has secured?
  • Has the firm won cases like mine, and if so, what were the recoveries in those cases?

In the field of personal injury law, results matter. Remember this when reviewing possible attorneys for your case.

A Law Firm’s Practice Areas

The firm that you hire should have extensive experience with cases like yours. When a firm lists a case type—car accidents, for example—as a practice area, then it may have significant experience with those specific cases. 

At the very least, a firm should list your type of case as one of its practice areas. If not, then the firm may not have the experience necessary to lead the strongest possible case.

A Law Firm’s Fee Structure

Most personal injury firms operate on contingency fee basis, In this fee structure, the client doesn’t pay by the hour or for a flat rate. Instead, the law firm only takes a fee if they win the client’s case. Before signing the client, the firm will make clear what percentage they’ll receive from the client’s judgment or settlement.

This structure takes financial pressure off of the client, who doesn’t pay for an attorney out of their own pocket. If a firm you are considering does not offer this structure, then you might want to think twice about that firm.

How the Firm Makes You Feel During Your Consultation

Free consultations are an invaluable experience for those considering a personal injury firm. During your consultation, you can:

  • Ask about the firm’s experience
  • Ask how involved the assigned attorney will be in your case
  • Ask any other questions that you would like answers to
  • Get a feel for the firm’s client service

You should also consider the attorney or firm's communication style. Ask whether you will be communicating with your lawyer directly or a member of their staff. Additionally, as whether they prefer email, text, phone calls, or other methods of communication. It's important to know what to expect prior to retaining a particular lawyer.

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