What Causes Commercial Truck Accidents?

According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the causes of commercial truck accidents include:

  • Truck driver inexperience and poor training

  • Dangerous road conditions, including but not limited to poor weather

  • A truck or other vehicle that is in poor condition

  • Truck driver error

In the FMCSA’s study, truck drivers veering out of their lane caused 32% of accidents. 29% of truck accidents resulted from truck drivers losing control of their vehicle—because of shifting cargo, vehicle failure, poor road conditions, or other factors. 

As the victim of a truck accident, we’re interested in the specific cause of your accident.

How Our Firm Identifies the Cause of a Truck Accident

Each commercial truck accident happens under unique circumstances. As attorneys for truck accident victims, it’s our job to identify the precise cause of each accident. We may determine the cause of a given truck accident by:

  • Speaking with witnesses to the truck accident

  • Hiring experts in commercial truck mechanics who may review physical evidence and help determine the cause of a collision

  • Obtaining evidence in possession of a trucking company, such as a driver’s logbooks, vehicle maintenance records, and black box data

  • Obtaining video footage of the accident

  • Securing the police report for an accident

  • Considering all available evidence and determining the most likely—or definite— cause of the accident

Truck accident cases can be unusually complex. Commercial trucks contain many components, and diagnosing the specific cause of a collision may take substantial resources. This is especially true if a vehicle defect contributed to the collision.

Having a law firm lead your case may be beneficial for several reasons. Your law firm may handle all case-related expenses, including the cost of the investigation. Your attorneys may also hire qualified experts to determine the exact cause of your accident and establish liability for your damages.

Who Is Liable for a Commercial Truck Accident?

This depends on the cause of the accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains that motorists most often cause accidents. If a trucker caused your accident, then their employer may generally be liable for your damages.

If dangerous road conditions or vehicle defects caused your collision, then other parties may be liable. An attorney can review the possible liability of vehicle manufacturers, governments responsible for road conditions, and others in your case.

Each case requires a personal approach. Your attorney should be open-minded, approaching your accident as a blank slate. With this approach, your lawyer can identify all responsible parties and seek fair compensation for your losses.

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